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Farm Insurance Coverage

If you are looking into farm insurance coverage in Pennsylvania, Ohio or New York, contact the agents at Shellhammer Atwood and Associates for a quote. We have comprehensive knowledge of what farmers need to make sure their business and their homes have adequate protection. From liability coverage to dwelling insurance, we can write you a policy that speaks to your specific situation. Get started with a customized quote from an agent at our office today. Give us a call!

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Farm coverage areas

Our knowledgeable agents are able to write you a policy that gives you the coverage you need. Here's a sampling of the various areas we can include to make sure you are fully insured:

Dial in your coverage

At Shellhammer Atwood and Associates, we understand that not all farms need the same type of insurance policy. Our agents are able to help you determine the exact kinds of coverage you need and then write a policy that works to protect your exact interests. Don't pay for what you won't need!

Combined coverage

Most farmers require dwelling protection in addition to the policy portions designed to insure your business. Often, these are tied closely together. Let our agents make sure both your personal property and your farmland are tied into the policy we write. Combined coverage should be part of the process.